What to Know and Do Before Carpet Installation

You have already decided to do carpet installation in your home. You have learned all there is to know about the style, color, and benefits of carpet flooring. Now, it is really just a matter of waiting for the installers to come. So, you have hired a professional contractor, and you may think that you are completely done with your task. But hold on for a second! While you play a comparatively small role in the carpet installation process, there is still more you can contribute to moving your flooring project faster. There are several things you need to know and do before carpet installation. Here’s how you can prepare your home before installing the carpet.


Clear The Room

Though requirements may vary depending on the flooring contractor, some require clearing the room for carpet installation. Installers are handling larger items, so it is important to know the specifics from your manufacturer or supplier before installation. It would also be wise to move any fragile, delicate, or valuable items you have before installers come. Since you are clearing some items out in the project area, do not forget to store them in an area that is entirely out of the way for the carpet installers.


Clean And Pull Up The Old Carpet

Once unnecessary times are cleared out, make sure to take time to clean the floor by sweeping or vacuuming. If you are replacing an existing carpet, it is helpful to remove the old ones before carpet installation. Dust, allergens, and dirt can disperse into the air and may take time to clear. So, removing the old carpet ahead of time can prevent any interruptions on carpet installation.

carpet installation

Pulling up your old carpet and pad has practical reasons as well: it saves you $2 per square yard. You may need to figure out how to dispose of the old carpet, but it really won’t cost that much compared to what the installer will charge you. While removing your old carpet, you must pull up every staple holding the pad as well. And most importantly, you need to hammer the staple down until they are flat to your floor.


Prepare The Door Plan

In carpet installation, there will always be a possibility that the doors such as closet doors, bedroom, or basement doors, may swing free and not clear the new carpet. In this case, you need to prepare the door plan. Some installers may remove the doors to give way for carpet installation. If this happens, you need to arrange a job with a qualified carpenter to provide this service once the carpet installation has been completed.


Move The Furniture

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Nothing can be in the area that is being carpeted. The emptier the room, the easier it does install a new carpet. With this, you need to thoroughly clear out any furniture, beds, TV, and wall decorations to not impede the process of carpet installation. Letting the installers move the furniture upon installation would cost you a little extra. So, if you can do it anyway, it will even save you money.


Create a Workspace

Before the carpet installation, you must realize that installers need an area to keep their supplies and tools. Create a workspace for installers ahead of time where they can place all those tools needed. You may possibly clear out an area in a nearby room or a garage. The closer the workspace is to the installation room, the less they will move back and forth through your home and the faster the installation goes. Also, you can find them a place where they can park their trucks conveniently. This way, the flooring project will be moved into completion much faster. 


Pave The Way

During carpet installation, contractors move in and out of your home and will normally leave dirt, mud, and footprints behind. Carpets come in a huge roll, and installers may be carrying heavy equipment needed for installation. With this, you need to make sure that you create a clear pathway. Lay a trail from the installer’s entryway towards the area where the carpet is installed. You may use cardboard, drop cloths, old towels, or even old carpet squares to make a path. Tape them down if necessary, but make sure that it won’t cause damage to the finish.


Be Clear About The Clean-Up

Carpet installation creates waste. While installers normally collect this trash after installation, it is important that you must be clear about the clean-up process.


Buy a Vacuum And Have a Maintenance Plan

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Even before carpet installation, you need to have a maintenance plan to protect your carpet from wear and tear over time. A new carpet requires regular vacuuming, and the amount of traffic dictates the frequency of cleaning it. A vacuum with a beater bar can be a great choice. The beater bar can vibrate the soil or dirt around so the suction can properly pick it up. Professional cleaning is another option for maintenance.


Leave The Job To The Pros

Carpet installation is a skill that is honed through years of experience, so asking help from a professional installer leaves you hassle- and worry-free. Though it pays to understand what is needed to move the flooring project into completion, the pros know what to do to achieve the best result. So, if you are planning to install a carpet, feel free to contact us today!