Carpet Installation in Your Bedroom: Is it a Good Choice?

Your bedroom flooring is as important as any flooring in any other rooms of your house. It is the first thing that your feet will touch when you wake up each morning and the last thing they will feel when you climb into your bed at night. With this, you certainly need a type of floor covering that will save your feet from the cold floor—something that is so comfortable. While there are a lot of flooring options today, nothing is better suited to your bedroom than carpet. Carpet installation is a perennial favorite in homes, especially in bedrooms. It is soft and soothing to touch; however, is it really a great choice for your bedroom? And what do you need to consider if you are looking to get a new one?

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Carpets are not created equal. From texture to design and price, not all carpet materials are the same. However, a perfect carpet for your bedroom must do well in almost every category such as durability, texture, price, and materials. So, before you even hire a professional for carpet installation, we have enumerated the advantages, disadvantages, and factors to consider in choosing the right carpet for your bedroom.


Carpet Installation Advantages 

Dampen Noise or Sounds

Installing a carpet is a perfect way to dampen noise or sound. The textile and cushion of your carpet can insulate the space against any unwanted ambient noise, making your room quieter. Carpet installation in your bedroom lessens indoor noise pollution. And this is beneficial if you don’t want to receive noise complaints or wake a sleeping member of the family because of unwanted sounds from your room.


Soft and Comfortable

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You don’t want to step out onto a cold hard surface flooring, do you? If your feet are greeted with a warm and soft material, it creates a good feeling at the start of the day. That is what carpet can do. The luxurious and smooth feeling of the carpet flooring in your bedroom will make you relax even more. It isn’t tough underfoot, so it provides relief especially if you have foot pain.


Increased Warmth

Perhaps, one of the worst feelings is getting up from a warm bed during chilly weather and having your feet quickly get a freeze on hard, cold flooring. During winter, some homeowners even spend huge heating expenses each year just so they can achieve the right amount of warmth inside their bedroom. This is where the carpet is more beneficial. Carpet installation could make your bedroom warm and cozy. Carpet has an insulation feature that provides increased warmth all year round, regardless of the weather.


Easy to Maintain

With carpet flooring, you pretty much expect what you’re getting. The only regular maintenance that your bedroom carpet needs is regular vacuuming. It is less labor-intensive because it does not really have any demanding upkeep requirements to maintain its good shape. No need to mop or sweep it. Simply vacuum your carpet every week or more often if necessary, to restore its overall appeal.


Safer Choice

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Slips and fall accidents can happen anytime, especially if you are half asleep. In all residences, safety is always important. But it is more crucial if you have young kids or mobility-challenged members at home. With this, carpet installation in your bedroom is a logical choice. Carpet flooring is not slippery unlike tiles, laminate, or hardwood, so it helps lessen fall accidents and slips. It also has a high friction coefficient that supports and cushions your feet to prevent any slips or falls.


Carpet Installation Disadvantages 

Expensive Replacement

In a low foot traffic area like your bedroom, a carpet can last for decades. However, carpet flooring has an expiration date too. Over the years, it will eventually show signs of wear and tear; hence, it will require you to rip it up. The cost of carpet replacement isn’t inexpensive. From delivery fees to the price of the materials and installation costs, getting a new carpet could be an expensive flooring project.


Environmental Considerations

Carpet installation may pose environmental concerns to some homeowners. Although most carpets are made from natural and renewable materials like jute, seagrass, and wool, other varieties of carpet are produced from a non-renewable source like petroleum. Also, carpet flooring can trap mold and dust within its strands which can be harmful when released into the air. To prevent this, you can spray a non-toxic carpet finishing product.


Prone to Stains

Carpet flooring can hold on stains which may lead to discoloration in the long run. This is especially visible on light-colored carpets. Aside from stains, a carpet may also absorb odor from your pets or any spilled liquids. While there are ways to remove stains, the most important one is to wipe up the agent quickly and start cleaning it. You can also choose a dark-colored and stain-resistant carpet flooring.


How to Choose a Carpet for Your Bedroom

Create a Budget Plan

Before you even hire a professional flooring contractor for carpet installation or choose patterns you like, make sure to make a budget plan first. Measure your bedroom to determine its size in square footage. Always factor in additional expenses such as delivery cost, installation, to name a few. You can also contact local carpet installers to give you a quotation for the project. This way, you can get an accurate picture of expenses before you move your flooring project into construction.


Choose the Material or Pile

For wall-to-wall carpet flooring, the most popular yet inexpensive choice is tufted carpet. Low pile materials can be less bouncy while high pile tufted carpets look classic with ultra-soft comfort. Both can be a great choice depending on the style you prefer inside your bedroom.

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For tufted materials, the most common options are nylon blends and polyester. They are both inexpensive, low maintenance, and tough. However, you can also choose a more expensive material like wool. While wool costs more than polyester and nylon blends, it is stain-resistant and flame-retardant. Woven carpet is another option aside from tufted materials. Woven looks more elegant and lasts longer than tufted carpets.


Determine the Color 

Carpet offers a world of options in colors and patterns. However, this is still dependent on your personal preferences. From timeless, classic color to trendy, modern designs—you will always have a choice when you install carpet for your bedroom. In choosing the right color for your carpet, consider how it will blend well with any décor inside your bedroom.


Is Carpet a Good Choice for Your Bedroom?

There is really no doubt that a good quality carpet provides a wide array of benefits. In a private room like your bedroom, it allows you to create a space where you can add a personal touch without compromising beauty, durability, and comfort. However, if you still need professional advice as to which carpet flooring designs or patterns are best for your bedroom, Carpet Ready is always here for you. Contact us today to get a no-obligation estimate!