Baltimore Carpet Installer Guide: How to Keep Your Carpet in Great Shape

Like any other flooring type, your carpet requires maintenance from time to time. As you know, the life and beauty of the carpet flooring depend on the care you provide. Though it is completely understandable that you do not want to end up spending hours on maintenance, cleaning a carpet is much easier than you think. We know you might be asking yourself: How do I care for my carpet flooring? Fret no more. All it takes is just a little knowledge to keep your carpet in great shape. So, as a Baltimore carpet installer, we have created a guide to provide you some recommendations and steps on how to maintain and clean the carpet in your home. 


Cleaning Essentials 

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When it comes to carpet maintenance, it is all about developing a certain routine. As a Baltimore carpet installer, we know that getting into a routine will surely achieve great results. In your quest in finding the right ways in cleaning your carpet, here are some simple steps you must follow: 


Remove and clean spills and spots quickly. Any products that can cause damage or soil your carpet should be removed immediately. It is common sense to prevent liquids or dirt that dry up and set in your carpet flooring. You may consider using an SOA-certified solution to effectively eradicate the dirt. 


Always vacuum your carpet regularly. This is important, especially in high traffic areas. So, you need to have a vacuum schedule to remove dust and dirt using a powerful vacuum cleaner. Vacuuming also improves good air quality in your home. 


Stop dust and dirt at your doorsteps. A walk-off mat outside and in can prevent dirt and dust from getting transferred inside your home. Take off your shoes when you enter the house, and make sure you clean entrance mats often. 


Deep clean your carpets professionally. As a Baltimore carpet installer, we recommend doing an in-depth cleaning every 12-18 months. This removes any embedded grime and dirt in your carpet, making it fresh looking every time. 


Now that you know these four simple steps in cleaning your carpet. Let’s dig deeper into each category. 


Cleaning Spots, Stains, and Spills

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While no carpet flooring is stain-proof, the key is to remove it quickly using the right cleaning solution. Treating stains and spots has never been easier, especially with today’s stain-resistant carpets. We, as a Baltimore carpet installer, would recommend a simple two-step process: absorb the spill and treat the stain or spots. However, here is a guide to further elaborate some ways in cleaning spots, stains, and spills. 


Spot Cleaning

Immediate attention to stains and spillages is crucial in avoiding stains to penetrate the carpet fibers. If you allow it to dry up or cool the stain, it will be more difficult to remove. If unattended, these may cause loss of color, pile distortion, and permanent stain setting on your carpet—things you may not wish it should have happened. To prevent this, blot liquids using a dry, white absorbent cloth or white paper towel. It is important not to use any colored or printed material or cloth as it may transfer dye or ink to the damp carpet. Also, do not use a brush or scrub when cleaning a carpet as it can damage your flooring. 


Removing Stains

Spills and stains need not be a problem anymore. However, there are some special considerations in dealing with different types of stains. 


Water-based Stains

To remove water-based stains, soak up the spill quickly with an absorbent paper towel or tissue. With lukewarm water, wet the stained area one more time using a piece of cotton wool to dilute the spillage. Then, carefully blot it with a paper towel or tissue. Using a hairdryer, dry the area up, moving continuously over the spills or stains to avoid any watermarking. Repeat the process until you entirely remove the stain. Finally, cover the stained or spilled area with six layers of paper towel. Do not forget to place a heavy object on top of the layered towels and leave it for 24 hours to completely dry up. 


Dried-in Water-based Stains

In removing dried-in stains, you start by scraping off excess spills or stains with a spoon. Make sure to begin from the edges of the stain towards the center. Try to freeze the stain with ice cubes if needed, then scrape it off using a spoon. When putting ice cubes, make sure not to place it directly on the stained area as it will melt and soak the stains. Apply a soap solution to a piece of cotton wool and wet the spilled area. To create a soap solution, add ½ teaspoon of professional carpet shampoo to 2 liters of lukewarm water. Once done, blot it with a paper towel or tissue. Then, dry the spilled area using a hairdryer. Repeat the process until you entirely remove the stain. The same with water-based stains, the last step is to cover the area with six layers of paper towel and put a heavy object on top of it. Let it dry for 24 hours. 


Grease Stains

When removing grease stains, always use a product that is mainly intended for grease stains. Using warm water alone cannot remove this kind of stain. First, you need to apply the product to the edges of the stain, working inwards, using a piece of cotton wool. Blot the stained area with a paper towel or absorbent tissue. During this process, you may notice that the carpet flooring may darken, but this will disappear thereafter. Once done, dampen the stained area using a light soap solution. A light soap solution is a combination of ½ teaspoon of professional carpet shampoo and 2 liters of lukewarm water. This soap solution will remove any residue of the cleaning product. Then, blot it with a paper towel or tissue. Make sure to dry it up using a hairdryer. Move the hair dryer continuously over the stained area to avoid any watermarking. 


When the stain is not entirely removed, do not forget to repeat the process. Once done, cover the stained area with layers of paper towel while placing a heavy object over it. Leave it for 24 hours to dry up. 




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As a Baltimore carpet installer, we believe that proper vacuuming is the most effective and the easiest way to keep your carpet in great shape. Regular vacuuming provides better air quality inside your home as it can remove dust, allergens, dirt, or any particles. As a rule of thumb, you should vacuum your carpet at least once a week. However, the more traffic it has over the carpet flooring, the more frequent it requires to vacuum it. 


Once your carpet is laid, start by vacuuming lightly and frequently during the first week, but frequently in high traffic areas thereafter. For light soiled areas, give three vacuum passes, while at least five passes for any heavily soiled areas or spaces. 


When choosing a vacuum cleaner, use only a good quality vacuum. A vacuum cleaner with micro filter systems removes fine particles such as allergens or dust mite. Make sure to change and adjust the height of vacuum beaters to guarantee that the carpet flooring is not damaged because of excessive beating. For thicker carpets, you may raise the height of beaters or reduce the suction level to make vacuuming much easier. It is also important to empty or change the dust collection bags frequently. You must also replace filters as suggested by the manufacturer.  


In-depth Cleaning 

In-depth cleaning is as important as treating stains and regular vacuuming. A Baltimore carpet installer like us believes that an in-depth cleaning is needed once every 12 to 24 months. The process removes persistent small particles and dirt in your carpet, preventing it from wearing out. In-depth cleaning methods include wet shampooing, dry powder or dry shampooing, injection-extraction with a combination of hot water, or any combination of these three methods. Make sure that the products you will use are of great quality. It is also crucial to apply the carpet shampoo according to its instructions.


Keep Your Carpet in Great Shape

Proper carpet maintenance provides an extended carpet life cycle and allows great air quality inside your home. It offers numerous benefits in the long run such as cost savings and increased productivity. By developing a great routine of care and maintenance, you can keep your carpet’s function and appeal for a long time. However, if you are planning to give your carpet an updated look and style, we are always here to help you. Carpet Ready is a Baltimore carpet installer and flooring contractor, who can provide you with a great inventory of flooring options for your home. Connect with us and get an estimate today!