11 Carpet Design Ideas For Your Home

With the demands of hard surface floor materials out there, is carpet still relevant and trendy today? The answer is a resounding Yes! In this day and age where hard surface flooring dominates the scene due to innovation and advancement in the flooring industry, it is still undeniable that carpet remains one of the most popular flooring options. Carpet is just as functional and beautiful as other floor coverings in the market today. If you don’t really know much about carpet, you might not realize that it offers a world of options when it comes to designs, texture, and style. Now is the right time to stay ahead of the latest trends and see for yourself which eye-catching carpet design ideas will blend well with the interior of your home. In this blog, we have listed 11 carpet design ideas that you can incorporate into your next flooring project.


Carpet Tiles

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When people talk about carpet, they associate it with negative features like unmanageable, hefty, and difficult to replace. Often, if you damage a certain area of the carpet, it requires a replacement. But gone are the days where you need to manage bulky carpet flooring. Today, you can install carpet tiles that are so efficient and easy to install. Carpet tiles are modular and readily replaceable, so it is perfect for a family with young kids and pets. Carpet tiles are one of the biggest carpet design ideas and trends for basements. Some tiles are available in a waterproof version, which is great for moisture-prone areas. But don’t forget that it also comes in a wide array of patterns and colors that you will surely love.


Waterproof Carpet Flooring

Carpet manufacturers are doing the best they can to bring us innovation through the help of advanced technology. One of these carpet design ideas and trends is waterproof carpet flooring. Yes, you heard it right! To give us more functional carpet flooring, manufacturers create 100% waterproof carpets that you can even use in almost any room in your house. Because it’s waterproof, you could expect that it won’t soak up the water, stain, or get infested with molds—making it easy to maintain and clean. The only downside is that the technology is very new that waterproof carpet flooring comes with a higher price tag.


Blue Carpet Flooring

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Blue is a perfect transition out of the usual neutral carpets today. It is calming and serene without overwhelming your space. With blue carpet, it is subtle and neutral enough that it can blend well with gray decor. It creates a relaxed atmosphere when incorporated into your flooring.


Carpet Planks

You might think that planks don’t belong to carpet flooring, definitely not true! Carpet planks are the latest carpet design ideas and trends that will create a big impact for the next coming years. Planks are almost similar to carpet tiles, but they just vary in shape. It is DIY-friendly and looks stylish on your flooring. One thing for sure about carpet planks: it won’t compromise the homey ambiance of your home. Plus, expect that this trend will surely be around for decades.


Modern Carpet Flooring

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If you’re into simple, classic, and neat looking flooring, a modern carpet is the best choice for you. Modern carpet is usually one earth-tone that offers a relaxed vibe inside your home. Match it with great furniture and décor that complements the color you prefer. Since this trend is so understated and subtle, you can expect that it will still create a big impact in the next coming years. Needless to say, less is really more!


Eco-Friendly Carpet Flooring

Going green? Worry no more! Carpet manufacturers started to produce eco-friendly carpet flooring without compromising durability. These eco-friendly carpets are made from recycled synthetic fibers, water bottles, and other recyclable materials that can last for decades. While they may be highly sustainable, it won’t compromise the beauty and functionality that it can bring to your home.


Geometric Carpet Patterns 

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In installing carpet, you don’t need to be boring in style. Why not try a modern patterned carpet flooring? Combine hexagon patterns with bold patterns to look trendy. You can play with style, from classy to modern vibes in your room. Your imagination is only your limitation. Plus, it is expected that it won’t go out of style for another 10 years.


Gray Carpet Flooring

Gray is not just for hardwood or any flooring that mimics wood; it is also popular in carpet flooring. One of the trendiest carpet design ideas, every shade of gray creates a cool, contemporary look in any room of your house, whether in your cabinets, doors, or décor. Match it with bright bold color, white, black, or green, and you can achieve a sleek carpet flooring—a conversation starter without any doubt!


Animal Print Patterns 

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Spice up your room with animal print patterns on your carpet flooring. Whether it be zebra, leopard, or cheetah print patterns, it will surely add sophistication and creativity to any room of your house. It is also fun to play with designs that would blend well with the décor inside your room. Plus, those bold patterns can be a perfect way to distract your eyes away from dirt or stains. Be adventurous using animal print designs in your carpet flooring!


Multi-Colored Carpet Flooring

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The birth of multi-colored carpet is perhaps one of the coolest carpet design ideas and trends because you don’t need to choose just one color for your carpet flooring. In fact, you can even have almost any colors on one carpet. Imagine that you can combine bright, bold colors with subtle, understated hues. It’s as if you are getting the perks of both worlds!


Plush Carpet Flooring

Ultra-softness is what makes your carpet flooring so special that even hard surface flooring options cannot compete with. With the help of innovation in the carpet industry, more plush carpets are stain-resistance, waterproof, and offer life-friendly features. Nothing beats the comfort and warmth that plush carpet flooring can provide.


Are You Ready to Get Your New Carpet Installed?

A lot of innovative carpet design ideas and trends are circulating in the market these days. Say goodbye to the old days where the carpet is just a dull floor covering inside your home. With a little bit of creativity, you can create a carpet flooring that will stand out and add value to your home. However, if you still need more recommendations and samples of great carpet designs and patterns, don’t hesitate to call us. We offer a no-obligation estimate for carpet replacement or any flooring project you are planning to do.