Finding a Low Maintenance Flooring Option in Maryland

With all the hustle and bustle in our daily lives, many homeowners in Maryland and some other greater areas do not want to spend much time maintaining floors. No homeowners want to spend hours cleaning their floors or carpet every day. But let’s all face it: some flooring types are much easier to clean than others. And it can be a little bit frustrating when you have a surface floor that requires a lot of upkeep. That is why it is important to find an easy-to-clean flooring material right off the bat. So, if you are in the market for a low maintenance flooring option in Maryland, then read on. We created a list of flooring types that are easiest to clean and maintain, so you can choose the ones that will cause you a little to no headache for your next flooring project. 


What Makes Flooring Material Low Maintenance?

As you are trying to look for a flooring option in Maryland, you want to factor in what constitutes a low maintenance flooring material. While the meaning of low maintenance flooring varies from one person to another, several hallmarks identify them from other flooring types. To identify this, you may want to consider these questions:


Are you looking for a flooring material that needs a little to no upkeep? With this, you are finding a flooring option that won’t require sealing, sanding, or staining down the road. This also means that it does not necessarily require you to clean, polish, or replace the grout. 

Is it durable enough to stand the test of time? Are you looking for a long-lasting flooring material? You want a flooring option that will hold up well to high traffic areas. This type of flooring won’t come loose and show scratches easily—something that will last for decades. 

Do you prefer an easy-to-clean flooring option in Maryland? You are eyeing a flooring material that needs simple dusting and mopping instead of spending your time scrubbing grout lines or gaps in between. This means you are also looking for a flooring type that resists spills and stains—a material that can be remedied with a simple wipe or cleaning solution.


With all these questions in mind, here are some examples of low maintenance flooring materials available in the market today. 


Engineered Hardwood

flooring option in Maryland


Look no further than an engineered hardwood if you are searching for a durable flooring option in Maryland. Not only you can enjoy the beauty of genuine hardwood, but it is also designed to withstand moisture, weight, and heat. The outer layer is so sturdy that it can resist some scratches as compared to softer wood floor counterparts. The dense construction of an engineered hardwood means that they won’t easily shrink or warp despite humid or cool temperatures. This flooring material is rugged, making it so easy to clean using a dry mop. Lastly, since it won’t warp easily, it does not require refinishing or sealing like in solid hardwood. 


Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tile is one of the best low-maintenance flooring materials you can get in the market these days. It has been used in homes for decades mainly because of its aesthetically pleasing design and smooth texture. A versatile flooring option in Maryland, it is a perfect choice for homes with little kids or pets. It is also a great choice for a humid environment because it is impervious to moisture. But the best part about ceramic tile is that there is so little to do in terms of cleaning and maintaining it. It is so durable that it won’t show scratches or dents so easily. Spills are less likely to stain as well. Cleaning is not an issue in ceramic tile—just a vinegar and water mixture with a little elbow grease and you are all set.


Luxury Vinyl

flooring option in Maryland


Considered the best vinyl flooring type in terms of maintenance costs, luxury vinyl is dependable and charming. If you are looking for a flooring option in Maryland that offers a balance of elegance and durability, then you better choose luxury vinyl. This flooring material brings together the look and strength of tiles with the cost-effectiveness of vinyl. Luxury vinyl can handle high traffic very well since it is exceptionally tough. It is created with an outer wear layer that does not require polish. While it is aesthetically-pleasing, maintenance is quite easy. Trash the vacuum because regular sweeping is enough to restore its look. Not to mention that it is water- and stain-resistant, so it is ideal for moisture-prone areas. 


Porcelain Tile

Porcelain tile is a little more expensive than ceramic, but it is even more hard-wearing. This flooring option has a pattern that carries through its entire surface, which allows cracks or chips practically impossible to notice. It lasts for years because of its durability and strength. To maintain the appeal of porcelain tile, you need to sweep or vacuum it daily. You may also clean it using a mop with a water and vinegar solution. 


Natural Stone

Natural stone flooring is considerably luxurious and durable. While it may be a bit expensive flooring option in Maryland, the cleaning process is so simple. It is waterproof and very much resistant to wear and tear. It is almost impossible to scratch or crack a natural stone as well. The durability of natural stone can withstand almost any weather. To make sure that it is looking at its best, you must dust the natural stone regularly. Mopping can also be done at occasional times. 



flooring option in Maryland


Another low maintenance flooring option in Maryland, laminate flooring can be cleaned with a damp mop, broom, or a beater-brush free vacuum cleaner. If the flooring gets wet, just simply blot them dry quickly. Never use water to clean the laminate flooring as it tends to warp when exposed to moisture or humidity. Also, when you get scratches on the flooring, simply rub a little amount of vegetable oil and the scratches will disappear in no time flat. 



An eco-friendly and sustainable flooring option in Maryland, bamboo flooring is a tough material that can be an incredible choice for almost any room. To maintain its appearance, you must always dust or vacuum-clean the bamboo flooring regularly. This is because small debris can potentially cause scratches over the surface.



You might have been surprised that hardwood flooring is included on the list, but it is. With a little conscious effort, they can be one of the easiest to clean flooring material. A superbly finished and sealed hardwood flooring requires extremely limited maintenance. All you must do is to vacuum, dust, or dry mop the flooring. However, in high traffic areas, hardwood flooring needs refinishing to keep its polished look.


Get a Low Maintenance Flooring Material Installed Near You

When looking for a low maintenance flooring option in Maryland, it pays to know what materials are right for your home. Now that you have a better sense of what needs to be done, you must realize that any of the floors mentioned above can greatly serve you for years or decades to come for as long as you provide a little TLC. However, if you still find the need to upgrade the look of your flooring, get in touch with us. We can provide you with a great selection of low maintenance flooring materials right for your home.