10 Warning Signs You Need to Rip Up Your Carpet (And Call A Carpet Flooring Installer for Help)

Even the best-laid carpets are bound to deteriorate to the point where they require to be removed and replaced. Although proper care and maintenance can dramatically increase your carpet’s lifespan, after a while, your efforts will eventually become futile. Every carpet despite regular cleaning will reach its point of replacement, and it boils down to knowing when the right time is. So, to determine when you should replace your carpet and call a carpet flooring installer for help, consider these 10 warning signs that you need to watch out for.


Warning Sign 1: Visible Wear and Tear

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Every day, your carpet bears a huge amount of foot traffic and the weight of hefty furniture. So, it is so natural that they will start to show signs of wear and tear over time. Carpet damage appears in varying forms and complexities. From smaller issues like burn marks to extensive damages such as larger holes or rips, weak and twisted threads, and mold damage. Small, frayed areas on your carpet can be repaired. Some preventive measures such as using walk-off mats, careful moving of heavy furniture, and regular carpet cleaning can reduce the occurrence of these damages. However, if the damage is so extensive, you may want to seek help from a carpet flooring installer. A professional can help you evaluate the degree of the damages and how to fix these issues right away.


Warning Sign 2: Degraded Padding

Carpet padding acts like a pillow under the case. Without the padding, your carpet flooring is nothing but layers of fabric. It is an integral part of your carpet that works as a foundation to support your carpet and make it so comfortable to walk on. In assessing whether you need a carpet replacement, you should not only look at the surface but also inspect what is beneath that surface. Carpet padding, which is found under the fabric of your carpet, needs to be intact. However, like the surface of the carpet, the padding also absorbs spills. Unfortunately, cleaning the carpet won’t necessarily clean the carpet padding. As a result, the carpet will lose its plushness, become flatter or thinner, and get harder to clean because of extensive stains and musty odor. In this case, you need to consult a carpet flooring installer for a better solution. 


Warning Sign 3: Constant Allergic Attacks

While regular upkeep like vacuuming, steam cleaning, and disinfectant could reduce the effects of allergens, it is almost impossible to avoid them from sinking into the carpet flooring. Carpets typically trap a wide range of allergens such as pet fur, pollens, and dust mites. If you have cleaned your carpet flooring multiple times, but you and your loved ones can’t stop sneezing or coughing, this might be the best time to rip up your carpet. When looking for a carpet, it is best to shop for hypoallergenic options with materials made to repel allergens. You may also want to involve a carpet flooring installer near you for more options.  


Warning Sign 4: Stinky Odor Won’t Go Away

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If you notice that even after you did everything you can to clean your carpet and the foul odor isn’t banishing, then you need to inspect the reason behind that bad smell. Unfortunately, carpet absorbs and holds on to odors. So, if there are smokers at home or you have pets urinating and leaving solid messes on your carpet, the smell will eventually seep into your carpet. Molds underneath your carpet can cause foul odor as well. The stinky odor is also a sign that your carpet floor is aging. If your pet and molds are the main causes of bad smell, you will likely need a carpet replacement.  


Warning Sign 5: Stains Won’t Come Out

Most carpets will experience burns and stains a few times in their lifespan. It can be caused by food or drink spills, grass or mud tracked in from the outside, pet messes, and more. While most stains can be remedied through regular cleaning and upkeep, some stubborn stains require more than professional cleaning. Stains that won’t come out so easily that even professional cleaning services cannot get rid of will greatly impact the look of your carpet. Simply put, stubborn stains are unsightly and cause permanent damage to your carpet. If this is the case, you may want to contact a local carpet flooring installer to help you out with a replacement.


Warning Sign 6: Fading Carpet

With daily use and frequent cleaning, carpets will naturally fade as it gets older. However, with constant exposure to sunlight or moisture, your carpet tends to fade much faster. This is the reason why you always need to keep your carpet flooring dry. Don’t let it expose too much from the sunlight and use curtains or blinds. However, if your carpet has already faded, you may use a salt and vinegar mixture to clean your carpet or call a professional carpet flooring installer near you.


Warning Sign 7: Unliftable Molds

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As mentioned earlier, molds cause a musty smell to your carpet. There are several manifestations that your carpet is harboring molds. If you notice grey or green growths on your carpet floors, a mold outbreak already develops. Signs of discolored stains and foul smell, on the other hand, could mean that the fungus is starting to grow beneath your carpet. Mold growth normally develops within or under your carpet floor, then progresses on its surface. Signs of fungus growth will show when you peel the carpet back from the floor. In most cases, mold formation may lead to carpet replacement.


Warning Sign 8: Severe Water Damage

Your carpet is not free from any moisture or water damage. In fact, carpet is most commonly the first victim when there are plumbing mishaps or floods. When your sink malfunctions or the water pipe bursts, the water floods the carpet. Exposure to water for a long time could lead to damages, making your carpet a possible candidate for replacement.


Warning Sign 9: Constantly Shedding

Shedding seems normal to many carpets, especially those stapled yarn or spun yarn. Some fibers tend to loosen and come to the surface of your carpet flooring when it is new. Vacuuming your carpet can resolve this issue. However, if your carpet is a few years older and shedding does not even stop, then you should expect that there might be some dirt embedded in them or it is a manufacturing defect. If shedding comes out unnaturally, you can call the carpet manufacturer for a replacement. When vacuuming your carpet can no longer resolve the issue, you may want to talk to a carpet flooring installer to get a new one.


Warning Sign 10: The Carpet is Too Old

Do you still have that 30-year old carpet installed in your home? Have you cleaned it several times? The reality is: your carpet isn’t immortal. It won’t last forever. At a certain point, even professional cleaning and regular patching won’t do the trick anymore. After 10 years, you will see signs of wear such as fading color, matting, wrinkles, to name a few. You will notice that the carpet fibers are losing their tuff and texture. These signs warn you that it is probably time to move on as your carpet can now lay to rest. This is the right time to discuss your options with a carpet flooring installer to know if repair or replacement is needed.


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