What Does Maryland Hardwood Floor Contractor Have To Say? (Debunking 9 Hardwood Flooring Myths)

The use of hardwood flooring has grown in popularity today than it has been before, so it really makes sense that more and more contractors and builders in Maryland are installing this flooring option in many houses. Why not? Homeowners seek to enjoy the exotic and artistic appeal of wood flooring in their homes. However, while most people think about hardwood flooring as an ideal option for their properties, some still have hesitation to install it. Many hardwood flooring myths have risen along with its popularity. And as a Maryland hardwood floor contractor, we think that it is a little inappropriate that homeowners let myths prevent them from getting the perks of hardwood flooring. Hardwood flooring is cold, high maintenance, and so expensive—these are common myths worth uncovering. So, we put together a simple guide here to establish the truth behind these hardwood flooring myths.


Myth 1: Maintenance is difficult in hardwood flooring.

Hardwood flooring as a high maintenance option is not true at all. If you could take care of kitchen counters, then most likely you can with hardwood floors. From the time it was installed by a professional Maryland hardwood floor contractor, there are easy methods you can employ in cleaning and maintaining this flooring type. In fact, carpet flooring requires more maintenance than hardwood flooring. Wood flooring does not absorb pet hair, dirt, or dust, so you will not need to vacuum it every day. To clean hardwood flooring is extremely easy. Regular sweeping, dusting, or mopping will remove grit and dirt on the floor.


Myth 2: Hardwood floors scratch easily.

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All flooring types suffer wear and tear over time. However, hardwood flooring is one of the flooring options that can be sanded, refinished, and repaired to achieve its original look. This flooring material is hard-wearing and durable, so it is very unlikely to get scratches from daily use. With this, there is no doubt that we can just debunk the idea that hardwood flooring scratches easily. Working as a Maryland hardwood floor contractor, we want to put emphasis that scratches can happen when hardwood is mishandled. If hardwood flooring scratches, then it does not mean it is not of high quality. If you are concerned about getting scratches on wood flooring, you just need to select the right wood species for your home. Oak flooring is a great example as it is durable enough to even resist scratches.


Myth 3: Hardwood does not belong in the kitchen.

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This statement is completely news to us. So, let us just debunk it right off the bat. The truth is: hardwood flooring is just one of the many flooring options for the kitchen. It can bring an air of comfort, style, and elegance to one of the most popular rooms in your house. While it may be susceptible to water damage, it does not mean that you cannot install it in your kitchen. It is just a matter of choosing the right hardwood species. When the right species of hardwood is selected and installed properly, through the help of your Maryland hardwood floor contractor, it can withstand high traffic conditions for generations. One simple hack to protect your hardwood flooring is to put a rug in front of your sink so it will catch spills or drips.


Myth 4: Hardwood cannot be installed if I have pets or young kids.

Having pets or young kids at home will never limit you from installing hardwood floors. Different types and species of hardwood flooring offer varying degrees of durability and hardness. With this, you may want to seek advice from a qualified Maryland hardwood floor contractor, so you can derive more options and recommendations as to which hardwood species are right for your home. Hardwood flooring with a high Janka rating is more likely resistant to scratches from cats or dogs. When it comes to stains from pets, you can manage it through regular sweeping or mopping. Also, finishing a hardwood floor reduces the occurrence of wear and tear. 


Myth 5: Hardwood flooring is way too expensive.

With so many wood species used for hardwood flooring, prices really vary. Hardwood flooring installation may initially cost higher than other flooring options. However, hardwood is among the most cost-effective options in the market these days. If you are thinking about the long-term benefits, installing a hardwood floor is not that costly. With good installation and proper maintenance, hardwood flooring can last for generations as opposed to other flooring options that can only last for about 10 to 20 years. It may also mean that other flooring options need replacement five to ten times as often as hardwood flooring—making hardwood flooring a substantial investment in the long run. However, if you are still a bit concerned about whether or not a hardwood floor is right for your budget, you may want to get a quote from a Maryland hardwood floor contractor or any local flooring store near you.


Myth 6: Hardwood flooring is just a trivial investment.

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As compared to other flooring options, homes with hardwood flooring sell much faster. In fact, according to statistics, getting new wood flooring is ranked #4 as one of the most popular projects to attract home buyers. Hardwood flooring can increase the resale value of your property in the future. It does not only add a considerable character and elegance to your home, but it is also a substantial investment in the long run. 


Myth 7: All carpeted floorings have restorable and reusable hardwood flooring underneath. 

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If you are thinking that ripping up your old carpet floor would reveal a greatly looking hardwood flooring, then it is not always the case. Unfortunately, not all DIY projects can yield great results. Hardwood flooring below a carpeted floor would have already suffered years of wear. It may have been completely ruined because of carpet molding and staples. This is when a Maryland hardwood floor contractor will help you through. While there is nothing wrong with trying to accomplish a DIY project, hiring a skilled installer creates better results. A professionally installed hardwood flooring is not only a great investment, but it also assures that things are done properly. Not to mention that it may save you more time and effort in completing such a daunting task.


Myth 8: Hardwood flooring is too cold. 

The idea that hardwood flooring can create an uncomfortable and cold house is simply untrue. The reality is: wood is naturally a good insulator, especially when professionally treated and installed. This means it can provide a perfect flooring surface for your home even in a chilly season.


Myth 9: Hardwood flooring should be waxed regularly. 

This is another common hardwood flooring myth that creates a lot of confusion for many homeowners. Hardwood flooring that has been installed and finished by a professional Maryland hardwood floor contractor does not need to be waxed regularly. That is why when it comes to finishing jobs, you may want to leave that to a highly skilled craftsman.


The Truth Has Uncovered

Through this simple guide, we hope that it answers a lot of confusion on common myths about hardwood flooring. In distinguishing between facts or myths, you may realize that the beauty of hardwood flooring is not just on the surface, but it also provides a wide array of benefits in style, durability, and functionality. If you have decided to install hardwood in your home, schedule an estimate with us. This way, we can discuss a world of flooring options you can have for your next flooring project.