How Much Does It Cost To Install Or Replace Carpet Flooring?

Carpet flooring is undoubtedly a perennial favorite in many homes across the US. It is a warm and inviting flooring space that offers myriad benefits and comes in a wide variety of styles, fibers, designs, textures, and colors. As a Baltimore county Maryland carpet company, we believe that carpet flooring is an attractive yet comfortable way to spruce up your home. Aside from the fact that it never goes out of style, carpet is readily available in the market for a fraction of a price. That is why it continually evolves as one of the top flooring choices today. But how much does it really cost to install or replace carpet flooring?

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In this guide, we have put together some factors that determine the cost of either installing or replacing carpets in your home. These factors include materials, types of carpeting, areas of the house, dimensions, and a lot more. Although you will usually get a quote from your Baltimore county Maryland carpet company whenever you schedule a free in-home consultation, it pays to know these factors and costs, so you can determine how much you need to allocate in your budget. 


Carpet Cost Per Square Foot

The average cost of installing a carpet is ranging between $757 and $2,567—that is between $3.5 and $11 per square foot. The cost varies depending on the room size, carpet types, and carpet styles. Labor costs also come into play, which is why it is important to consult your Baltimore county Maryland carpet company to give you a better idea of the overall cost. 

Baltimore county Maryland carpet company

Depending on the material you prefer, a carpet may range from $1 to $20 per square foot. Polyester and builder-grade olefin are economical choices for carpet flooring, while high-end wool is more expensive than other carpet types. Some homeowners also prefer carpet tiles for their floors. Carpet tiles are valued between $1 and $6 per square foot depending on the sizes you want. If you love to mix and match patterns or colors, carpet tile flooring is the best choice for you. Just ask your Baltimore county Maryland carpet company to provide you samples and design options. 


Carpet Costs By Material

The type of material you want for carpet flooring influences the overall cost of the project. Not all carpet materials are created the same. Each material has a varying level of stain resistance, durability, lifespan, and composition. Hence, the costs of carpet materials vary. Let’s run down your options and find out which material works best for flooring.  

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1. Olefin

Olefin or polypropylene is one of the most inexpensive carpet materials in the market. It is a synthetic carpet made from recycled materials. Olefin is gaining popularity because of its durability and great resistance to moisture, stains, and sun-fading. This carpet material is very ideal for high foot traffic areas. The average cost of olefin is ranging between $1 and $3 per square foot.


2. Cotton

Carpets made from cotton materials are averaging between $6 and $7 per square foot. Because it comes from natural fibers, cotton carpet flooring is much more expensive than its synthetic counterparts. This carpet material is known for its exceptional softness. Also, cotton emits low amounts of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). However, it has high maintenance requirements because it fades and stains easily. 


3. Nylon

Nylon carpet flooring stands up so well in high foot traffic areas and is quite easy to clean. This makes it an incredible choice for a family with kids and pets at home. The average cost of nylon carpet ranges from $2 to $5 per square foot. 


4. Wool

An eco-friendly and the most traditional carpet flooring choice, wool comes from a natural fiber that is notable for its luxurious look. This carpet material is soft and dense, but it is very high maintenance because of its proneness to static and fading. It is also considered one of the most expensive carpet flooring materials in the market, which cost between $4 and $20 per square foot. If you love the look and feel of wool carpet flooring, make sure to speak to your Baltimore county Maryland carpet company for pattern and color options. 


5. Polyester

One of the most popular synthetic carpet materials is polyester. It is a good sound insulator and offers a wide array of choices in terms of styles and colors. Polyester carpet is also non-allergenic, mildew- and mold-resistant, making it a great choice for anyone with asthma and allergies at home. The cost of polyester carpeting ranges between $1 and $3 per square foot. 


6. Acrylic

If you love the feel and appearance of wool without paying an arm and a leg, then you can opt for acrylic carpet flooring. Acrylic performs and looks almost the same as wool carpet. It is very low maintenance, and it is great at holding colors so well. The average cost of acrylic carpeting is $4 per square foot. 


Carpet Costs By Type

Another factor that impacts the cost of carpet is its fiber presentation. The quality and durability of the carpet floors are distinguished by the way that the fibers are connected to their backing. The higher the quality and more durable the carpet is, the more costly it can get. Here are the costs of various carpet types

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1. Berber

Berber carpet provides a very distinctive texture because it is typically knotted and handwoven. Its average cost ranges between $1.67 and $2.44 per square foot. Berber carpet comes in different variations, making it an ideal choice to personalize your style. It is amazingly durable and very ideal for hiding dirt. Another great thing about this carpet type is that it has incredibly good resistance to stains and won’t show any indentations due to footprints or vacuum marks. However, some Berber carpet releases higher levels of VOCs, which can be a hazard for young children or anyone who has asthma and allergy. 


2. Shag

Shag carpet has a deep pile with long sets of fibers. It is very durable, so it can be an ideal choice for high foot traffic areas. Whether it be twisted or untwisted, this carpet type normally costs between $2.78 and $5 per square foot. 


3. Saxony

Saxony cut carpet is a particular type of cut-pile carpet in which the short fibers stand straight up and down to create a lush surface. Good quality Saxony carpets are typically made of nylon. The fibers of this carpet type are very soft and dense; however, they cannot stand up so well against crushing or matting. The costs of Saxony carpets are ranging from $1.67 to $2.67 per square foot. To make sure you are getting the best quality carpet in the market, you can always contact a Baltimore county Maryland carpet company to provide you with great selections and better pricing. 


4. Velvet 

Velvet carpet is a high-end type of carpet manufactured from uniform, cut loops, which are densely formed to make it comfortable underfoot. The average cost of a velvet carpet is ranging between $2.78 and $5 per square foot. 


5. Cable 

Typically ranges between $2.78 and $5 per square foot, cable carpets are notable for their thicker and longer yarn, which gives them a soft and comfortable texture. As a Baltimore county Maryland carpet company, we recommend having cable carpets only on low foot traffic areas because they are very prone to matting and crushing.


6. Plush

Plush carpet is another variation of the cut pile in which the fibers are shorter than the Saxony cut pile but much denser. Although it is densely knitted, plush carpet is a bad choice for high foot traffic areas because it is susceptible to scuffing and wearing down. The cost of this carpet type is typically ranging from $1.67 to $2.67 per square foot. 


7. Cut And Loop

Cut and loop carpets are simply a combination of loop and cut pile fibers. It has dynamic designs with a wide array of textures, making it a great decorative choice for your flooring. Since it is a mix of both carpet piles, you can expect that cut and loop carpet floors are more durable, denser, and comfortable underfoot. It is also great for hiding dirt and stains. The average cost of cut and loop carpets is ranging between $2.78 and $5 square foot. 


Carpet Padding Costs

If you are planning to install carpet pads, the cost may also vary depending on the quality and material you will use. As a Baltimore county Maryland carpet company, we recommend putting carpet pads during carpet installation or replacement because they offer myriad benefits. Carpet pads absorb sounds, making your home much quieter. They can also add resilience to your flooring, which provides comfort underfoot. With different materials used, the cost of carpet pads varies as well. 

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1. Urethane Foam

Urethane foam carpet pads typically cost $0.75 per square foot, but the price varies depending on the quality of the material. This is the least expensive carpet pad in the market today. As a basic form of carpet padding, urethane foam is ideal for small and low traffic areas because it cannot stand up well enough to hard impact every day. 


2. Fiber Cushion

If you’re into an eco-friendly option, a fiber cushion is a perfect choice. It is made from natural fibers and releases low VOCs. A fiber cushion can prevent your carpet from slipping or moving. Typically, fiber cushion carpet pads cost approximately $1.25 per square foot. 


3. Bonded Urethane

Bonded urethane carpet pad is probably the most common carpet padding type used by many homes across the US. It is an exceptionally durable carpet pad because it does not easily break down even after prolonged use. Plus, it is so comfortable underfoot. The average cost of a bonded urethane carpet pad is $0.90 per square foot. 


4. Flat Rubber

Flat rubber is the most durable carpet padding, which is normally used in commercial settings and high foot traffic areas such as stairs and hallways. While it does not wear out or compress easily, it is not also resilient and soft underfoot. The approximate cost of a flat rubber carpet pad is $2 per square foot. 


Labor Costs Of Installing Carpet

Because carpet installation requires skills and expertise, it is better to leave the job to your Baltimore county Maryland carpet company. This way, you will guarantee the project is done properly and correctly. The labor cost of installing a carpeted floor normally runs between $0.50 and $1 per square foot. This cost does not include hauling out the old flooring, preparing your subfloor, or furniture removal. 

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Installing A Carpet For Every Room

Carpet flooring can be installed in many areas of your house. However, not a single room can endure the same level of activity, moisture resistance, and hard impacts as the other areas in your house. Therefore, you need a Baltimore county Maryland carpet company to evaluate first the area where you want the carpet to be installed. In this way, you can determine the carpet installation cost for each room. 

1. Bedroom Carpeting

The most common area in the house to install carpet flooring is in your bedroom. The average cost of bedroom carpeting ranges from $1,533 to $2,628. You can choose any types and materials of the carpet in your bedroom because the foot activity in this area is very low. The bedroom is not also known for moisture or stain issues. 

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2. Living Room Carpeting

The living room is another common area in your house to install carpet flooring. This is the area where you want to choose an attractive, thicker, and more plush carpet. You can have samples from your Baltimore county Maryland carpet company, so you can decide which carpet types and materials will work best in your living room and complement any décor inside your home. On average, the cost of carpet installation in your living room is ranging between $2,100 and $3,600. 


3. Basement Room Carpeting

Carpet is not normally regarded as a great flooring material in below-grade or moisture-prone areas such as the basement room. For this area, you need to install a moisture barrier to prevent water or moisture from passing through the carpet. You must also choose the carpet types and materials wisely. For basement rooms, you can install olefin or polyester as they can stand up so well in wet areas. Avoid carpet materials that absorb moisture such as wool. The typical average cost of the carpet flooring installation in the basement room is between $4,900 and $7,000. 


4. Carpeting On Stairs

According to HomeAdvisor, the cost of carpeting on stairs is averaging between $3.50 and $11 per square foot. You may also expect additional charges for unusual shapes, a higher number of carpet tack strips, and extra cutting. 

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Cost Of Commercial Carpet Installation

The installation of carpet flooring in commercial settings is similar to that of residential homes. In most cases, the most preferred carpet types are Berber, loop pile, and low pile because they are easy to clean and maintain. On the other hand, polyester, acrylic, and nylon are the most common carpet materials. 


Although the installation process is the same in a residential setting, commercial carpeting is much more expensive. The average cost of commercial carpet installation ranges between $8 and $14 per square foot. 


Cost Of Carpet Replacement

If you want to replace your existing carpet, you need to remove it first before you put down the new one. The process of installing a carpet replacement is the same as installing a new carpet flooring. On average, the cost of replacing a carpet is ranging between $9.50 and $19 per square foot. This cost includes the cost of preparing the subfloor and removing the old carpet flooring. To know exactly how much you need to pay for carpet replacement, you can always schedule a free in-home consultation with a Baltimore county Maryland carpet company. 


Additional Costs And Fees

Aside from the carpet materials, labor, and installation costs, there are other factors that you need to consider that may influence the overall cost of the project. Let’s rundown these additional costs.

1. Carpet Removal

Depending on the agreement with your Baltimore county Maryland carpet company, you may need to pay extra for carpet removal. Normally, the average cost of removing and disposing of the old carpet is approximately $115. 


2. Antimicrobial Treatment

If you want your carpet to be treated with an antimicrobial solution, an additional charge is required. Antimicrobial treatment will make your carpet flooring resistant to mold and mildew, which is beneficial if you will install your carpet in wet or moisture-prone areas. The cost of antimicrobial treatment is around $4.44 per square foot. However, not all carpets can be treated with antimicrobials. Make sure to discuss this first with your Baltimore county Maryland carpet company for better options and recommendations. 


3. Radiant Heating

Radiant heating can be installed directly underneath your carpet flooring. On average, the cost of electric radiant heating is ranging between $16 and $20. 


4. Stain-Resistant Treatment

Aside from antimicrobial treatment, you can also request to apply stain-resistant treatments on your carpet flooring. Typically, it is valued at approximately $80 per gallon. However, keep in mind that not all carpets can be applied with a stain-resistant treatment. Always ask the experts first before applying any special treatment on your carpet flooring.


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