8 Reasons to Love Luxury Vinyl Flooring

The 1980s boring and outdated vinyl floors are out; the new and improved ones are taking the flooring industry by storm. After its comeback, vinyl flooring is gaining popularity again with a modern and trendy twist. Hence, the rebirth of luxury vinyl flooring. Through the help of modern technology, Maryland homeowners can now enjoy the myriad benefits of luxury vinyl flooring to their homes. But before you even speak to your Maryland vinyl flooring installer and start your flooring makeover, let’s identify incredible reasons why you will love the “flooring of the future” for your next project.


Luxury Vinyl Flooring is Innovative 

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Dealing with a lot of local residents as a Maryland vinyl flooring installer, one thing that we know for sure is that homeowners love innovative flooring. They want a flooring material that will cater to all design options and styles they prefer—something that would complement any décor of their homes. With luxury vinyl flooring, you’ve got a world of options when it comes to designs, colors, and textures to match your personal style. It has really come a long way as far as giving your home a wow factor and aesthetic appeal. As you know, luxury vinyl can mimic the look and feel of solid hardwood. It can also resemble the appearance of natural stone. With this, you can easily customize your home the way you envision it.


Luxury Vinyl Flooring is Easy to Install

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Installing luxury vinyl flooring is DIY-friendly. If you have time and carpentry skills, this is a good DIY project for you. The reason why it is easy to install is because most vinyl floor coverings have a click-and-lock system to allow homeowners to put each vinyl piece together like a puzzle. With this feature, you can create a floating floor. Another vinyl installation method called peel-and-stick, where you can tackle glue-down vinyl on the floor, is also user-friendly. However, if a DIY project is not really your cup of tea, you can always hire a Maryland vinyl flooring installer to help you out. 


Luxury Vinyl Flooring is Easier on Feet

Vinyl flooring is not hard on your feet as compared to tile and solid hardwood. Barefooted or not, walking on a luxury vinyl flooring is so comfortable. This flooring material has a thin backing of resilient foam or felt, which makes it warmer and softer underfoot. With this benefit, homeowners with joint problems won’t have any issue walking on luxury vinyl flooring.


Luxury Vinyl Flooring is Versatile 

Luxury vinyl flooring is a chameleon. It offers a variety of designs and colors, from ceramic to natural stone and porcelain tile. In some vinyl products, you may have the option to include grout lines, so it will look like an authentic tile. For design ideas, you may want to speak to your Maryland vinyl flooring installer for samples and recommendations.

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In addition to its elegant appearance, luxury vinyl flooring can be installed in almost any room in your house. It is non-porous and scratch-resistant, making it a perfect choice for wet zones such as bathrooms, mudrooms, and kitchens. It is also ideal in high foot traffic areas such as family or living rooms.


Luxury Vinyl Flooring is Durable

Produced from extremely robust materials, luxury vinyl flooring is durable and tough that it can withstand the pressure of a high foot traffic area. You don’t need to worry about floor damages if you install luxury vinyl. The layers of this flooring material are designed to hold up over time and they are not very susceptible to wear and tear. This also makes luxury vinyl ideal for a family with young kids and pets or if you love entertaining guests at home.

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Today’s vinyl flooring has multiple layers, which makes it stronger. These layers include the wear layer, protective layer, print layer, physical vinyl backing layer, and cushion layer. The more layers it has, the more durable the vinyl flooring is. The top wear layer of the luxury vinyl gives an additional appeal to your floor, providing a unique character and beauty to your home.


Luxury Vinyl Flooring is Budget-Friendly

If you’re on a tight budget, luxury vinyl flooring is a great option. According to HomeAdvisor, the cost of luxury vinyl tiles or planks are ranging between $2.50 and $5 per square foot. This cost depends on the designs, patterns, and texture you prefer to install. Other costs such as installation, delivery costs should be factored in as well. If you are planning to hire a Maryland vinyl flooring installer, you need to allocate a budget for installation costs. The cost for vinyl installation might be an additional expense but it is still less expensive as opposed to installing solid hardwood and laminate.


Luxury Vinyl Flooring is Resistant to Moisture

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In contrast to hardwood and laminate flooring, luxury vinyl flooring is nonporous, making it resistant to moisture or water. Splashes and spills won’t cause luxury vinyl flooring to warp. That is why it is perfectly suitable for bathroom and kitchen installations. Some vinyl products have 100% waterproof backings such as cork or plastic that gives extra protection against water and moisture. Also, the top layer of this flooring material can be reinforced with urethane finishing. This finishing provides more resistance to scratches and stains. If your home is situated along the coast, you might consider installing luxury vinyl as it can stand the test of time.


Luxury Vinyl Flooring is Low Maintenance

Luxury vinyl is easy to clean and maintain, which makes it perfect for a family with people of all ages. If food or liquid spilled on it, just simply wipe it up using a cloth. If your pets leave a mess, make sure to do a quick wipe and disinfect the area. The protective layer or surface of the vinyl flooring has good resistance to dents, scratches, stains, and scuffs. It does not easily penetrate with oil, chemicals, grease, or water. That’s why luxury vinyl flooring is a great option for almost any area of the house.

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For day to day maintenance, all you need to do is dust mopping, normal sweeping, or vacuuming. You just need to use your best judgment to assess how frequently you must clean your vinyl flooring, so you can restore its appeal.


Talk to Your Maryland Vinyl Flooring Installer Today!

There is no doubt that luxury vinyl flooring has myriad benefits that will surely enhance the appeal and character of your home. You can explore the options when it comes to designs, patterns, or texture, so it would blend well with any décor inside your house. In doing so, it is worth talking to your Maryland vinyl flooring installer for samples and professional advice. If you still need some help with vinyl flooring, don’t hesitate to connect with us. Carpet Ready is more than ready to transform your design ideas into a more structured concept.