2021 Flooring Trends: Stylish Flooring Ideas For 2021

2021 is just around the corner! If you’re planning to remodel your home and trying to spruce up your floor a little bit, then you’re in the right place. We know that choosing floor materials and incorporating design ideas can be tough. But getting the scoop on the 2021 flooring trends can help you decide which flooring ideas might work for your home. The right time has come to ignite that burning interest to start your flooring makeover. Let’s explore some of the 2021 flooring trends to keep your home up to date with the most stylish ideas for your flooring. 

2021 flooring trends

What To Expect In 2021 Flooring Trends?

Flooring trends for 2021 will showcase a mix of traditional and modern look. With a lot of flooring options available in the market these days, you will witness the fusion of different flooring designs that may blend well with the style of your home. While adding visual interest to your floor is still one of the top-most priorities, 2021 flooring trends are all about ease and consistency. For this coming year, you must look forward to a more effortless yet trendier way of flooring designs. You will see more repurposed flooring, natural looks, light and cool tones, consistent patterns, unique texture, and more. And with the help of modern flooring technology, the only limitation is your imagination!


Environmentally Friendly Flooring 

In this day and age, it is no longer enough to just install an elegant-looking floor for a fraction of a price. Going eco-friendly is becoming huge while more manufacturers are striving to create recyclable, environmentally friendly flooring options. Homeowners care a lot about what they purchase and how it can impact the environment in general. Hence, this trend will continue in 2021. 

2021 flooring trends

2021 flooring trends will give us more recyclable carpet flooring styles and textures. You will still continually see reclaimed or repurposed hardwood flooring as a growing market. On the other hand, bamboo and cork flooring as ideal hardwood alternatives will remain visible in 2021. The need to look for eco-friendly flooring alternatives is expected to continue in years to come. 


Wood-Look Flooring 

2021 flooring trends

Almost everyone is obsessed with genuine hardwood flooring, but not everyone can afford its price tag. This paves the way for more affordable hardwood alternatives in the market. For 2021, you have more gorgeous flooring options that offer the feel and appeal of solid hardwood. Wood-look flooring options are becoming evident right now. For one, luxury vinyl is gaining popularity as it does not only offer a more upgraded version of vinyl products, but it also provides a more realistic texture and visual of solid hardwood. And don’t ever forget a budget-friendly laminate flooring that can also mimic the look of genuine hardwood. Moreover, hard surface floor coverings such as ceramic and porcelain tiles can also provide a wide array of wood-look textures and styles. 2021 flooring trends will give us more economical hardwood substitutes without compromising the beauty and elegance of your flooring. 


Waterproof Flooring

When it comes to flooring options, ease and comfort are always the top flooring features that homeowners are looking for. With more and more people getting busier, no homeowners want to spend long hours cleaning and maintaining their floors. Hence, waterproof flooring material makes a lot of sense. 


2021 flooring trends will give us more and more waterproof flooring options. Choose amongst these gorgeous flooring materials: waterproof carpet, waterproof engineered wood, waterproof laminate, and waterproof vinyl products. If you will ask a local flooring contractor or visit any flooring shop, you may already see these choices. Engineered wood, for example, has a genuine hardwood veneer layer that can withstand damages from water or moisture. Recently, some manufacturers have created engineered wood with a 100% waterproof core. 


Aside from engineered wood, you can expect that waterproof carpet flooring will be big in the flooring industry for years to come. With homeowners loving the softness and warmth of carpet flooring in their homes, a waterproof version will give them reasons to love it even more. And let’s not forget waterproof laminate and vinyl flooring products, which you can install in moisture-prone areas at home. 


Stone-Look Flooring

Natural stone flooring is undoubtedly a perennial favorite in many homes across the US because of its classic and timeless appeal. However, natural materials are quite expensive. Thus, some homeowners can’t afford to install this type of flooring. But worry no more! With the help of modern technology, you can now create a beautiful natural stone-look flooring without paying an arm and a leg. 

2021 flooring trends

By 2021, anticipate a surge of stone-look flooring in the market. You will have choices that resemble natural stones such as limestone, slate, concrete, or travertine. Some vinyl and laminate floor products already offer color variations and textures that mimic the look of natural stones. And with technological advancements, don’t be surprised that other flooring materials will have these selections soon. 


Gray Flooring

2021 flooring trends

If you’re into basic tones and colors, gray flooring is an ideal choice for you. Gray looks classic and timeless. Gone are the days that you will only see this color on natural stones and concrete. Today, gray flooring is becoming a trend. It has a sleek, bold appeal that can surely enhance the depth and character of your home. 2021 flooring trends will show us how gray flooring is expected to remain trendy in years to come. Combine it with bright colors, and it can complement any style in your home, be it a rustic, contemporary, or modern design.  


Smooth Flooring

Whatever happens in the flooring industry, smooth flooring will remain for a lifetime. This type of flooring will never go out of style. It is timeless, elegant, and so pleasing to the eyes. Although textured floor finishes are gaining popularity right now, we do not see smooth floors going anywhere. Smooth floors will stay and continually increase the visual appeal of your home. 


Decorative Flooring

2021 flooring trends

While authentic or natural looks will still dominate in 2021 flooring trends, some homeowners are on the lookout for flooring patterns and designs that showcase their personality and lifestyle. Using digital printing and flooring technologies, decorative flooring is now possible. You can see geometric patterns and textures embedded on carpets, vinyl products, and tiles. Graphic styles have become more available in the market. With these 2021 flooring trends, homeowners can easily create a personalized look and style on their flooring. 


White Flooring

2021 flooring trends

Less is more, and that’s what white flooring proves to us. Classic white flooring will stay in style, whether it be your kitchen, bathroom, or living room. The best thing about white flooring is that it always complements any décor or furniture inside your home. We don’t think there’s anything in your house that doesn’t blend well with white. For 2021 flooring trends, white vinyl and ceramic tiles can be your hot picks because it can make your room more spacious and larger. Not to mention that it can enhance visual interest in your home. 


Black and White Flooring 

If you want more variation, not just white flooring, then try to add black. White and black complement each other. These colors are inseparable. Black and white flooring may resonate with a vintage look, but it becomes trendier for homeowners today. Creative variations and checkerboard styles are great choices for bathrooms and kitchens. It may not look mainstream, but it surely adds character to your home. To make your black and white flooring look modern, try to pair it with bright bold, or accents colors. You can also ask your local flooring contractor for design ideas and recommendations.  


Cool-Toned Contemporary Flooring 

If there’s one flooring trend that will be bigger and more popular in 2021, that’s cool-toned flooring. Cool and contemporary colors are making waves because it creates a lighter and homey feeling. Tiles and carpet flooring offer a wide array of greens and blues, so your choices are almost limitless. Muted and lighter blues and greens have a relaxing effect and create a distinct character to your flooring. Plus, it can be a good conversation starter. 


Wide-Plank Flooring

2021 flooring trends

Wide-plank flooring is almost a staple to any flooring installation. This flooring trend is something that you can expect to remain year after year. Installing wide planks on your floor is among the best ways to make your room larger and more spacious. We recommend choosing longer and wider planks to create a more open space or area. 


Flooring Options For 2021

If you’re wondering what’s new about flooring options in 2021, here’s the answer. 


Carpet Flooring In 2021

Carpet flooring is a perennial favorite and offers a wide range of texture, style, and patterns. But for 2021, you can expect more selections aside from the most commonly used wall-to-wall carpet flooring. Carpet manufacturers are anticipated to release more options for high-pile plush carpets. This type of carpet provides exceptional comfort and warmth, making it a great option for your home. Another carpet types you should watch out for in 2021 are carpet planks and tiles. With more colors and patterns that you can possibly combine, it will surely unleash the creative side of you. 

2021 flooring trends

Aside from carpet planks, tiles, and high-pile types, carpet flooring can be trendy by choosing designs with geometric patterns. It is a perfect way to add statement and character to your flooring. 


With all these carpet flooring trends, you can expect that carpets will remain strong in years to come. For as long as homeowners are longing for that soft, warm, and comfortable floor covering, the carpet won’t be going anywhere. 


Laminate Flooring In 2021 

Laminate flooring is predicted to become more popular for the next few years. This wood flooring alternative is ideal in both residential and commercial settings because of its durability and low maintenance requirements. Plus, it is more economical than hardwood flooring. 

2021 flooring trends

2021 flooring trends for laminate flooring provide us more stylish and durable options that you can incorporate for any designs or styles you love. For instance, you can opt for high variation laminate flooring that can mimic the look and feel of solid hardwood. This kind of laminate texture is perfect for rustic style. Also, if you want to use laminate in moisture-prone areas such as the kitchen and bathroom, you can install waterproof and water-resistant types. 


Tile Flooring In 2021

Tile flooring is known for its durability and versatility. It also has a timeless, classic look that most homeowners love about. In 2021, you will love tile flooring even more as it can offer more decorative styles and designs. You can install marble-look tiles, which provide a luxurious and high-end look to your flooring. Geometric and floral designs are also available to capture Victorian and old-world types of houses. This coming year, there are a lot of ways to explore tile flooring to upgrade the style of your home. 


Vinyl Flooring In 2021

2021 flooring trends

Vinyl flooring is unstoppable, and it will continue to get better and better because of technological advancements. It is a versatile floor covering because vinyl can mimic almost any hard surface materials. Aside from its durability and low maintenance feature, vinyl flooring is an affordable wood alternative. By 2021, it has a lot more to offer when it comes to providing us realistic wood-look vinyl products. This is very ideal if you want to achieve the feel and appearance of genuine hardwood, but don’t like to spend that much. 


Engineered Wood Flooring In 2021 

Engineered wood flooring is designed to address the pain points of solid hardwood flooring. It has a genuine hardwood veneer layer and a durable core layer that can stand up well in moisture conditions. But aside from durability and long-lasting strength, engineered wood can also be stylish. Light color engineered wood flooring creates a more spacious and larger room, which are good selling points for most homeowners. You can also try different wood textures such as hand-scraped, and wire brushed variations to fit the style and design you prefer. And because engineered wood closely resembles solid hardwood, you can expect that these flooring trends will continue in years to come. 


Which 2021 Flooring Trends Do You Love The Most?

With all these advancements in technology and innovation in the flooring industry, there’s more you can expect in terms of flooring designs, textures, patterns, and styles. There are plenty of flooring options to choose from and look forward to for the next few years. This means that the possibility of creating stylish and elegant flooring in your home is limitless. 


If you have already decided which flooring trends you want to incorporate in your home, don’t hesitate to contact us. Schedule a free in-home estimate today, so we can transform your design ideas into reality!